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2013 Cash Rent Survey Reports

Every land parcel has unique characteristics and should be evaluated on an individual basis. Still, opinion surveys can be useful for discerning trends. Farmland Investor Letter offers exclusive analysis of USDA's 2013 survey of 240,000 active farmers who use their best professional judgment to determine average county cash rental rates for non-irrigated cropland, irrigated cropland and pastureland. USDA annually collects fixed-rate cash rent data for bare land across the U.S. from mid-February through July. Data for 2014 will be available after September 5, 2014. Farmers who participate in this survey are in a unique position to offer insights on local market conditions.

Our data set includes cash rents on a county-by-county basis for every state. Data is omitted for some land classes in those counties where an insufficient amount of a specific land type exists to provide a reasonable estimate. Individual state reports are available in PDF-format sent via email.

All Cash Rent Survey Reports include our in-depth 2013 User Guide and Lease Practices Update.

This 10-page bonus report includes an overview of four commonly used metrics for establishing cash rent rates, which can serve as useful tools to help ensure your lease rate is aligned with historical relationships to farm productivity and crop revenue. In addition, we offer our latest look at key lease provisions such as soil fertility maintenance requirements, rent payment dates, lease length (number of years), the importance of farm production reports, late charges and lease termination clauses.

To view a sample rent rate report in spreadsheet format, click here.

To view a sample rent rate graphical analysis map, click here.


Data Costs

The cost of a rent rate report or graphical analysis map is $45 each. You may purchase reports by printing and completing an Order Form and mailing a check to:

Mercator Research LLC
PO Box 6052
Monona, WI 53716-6052

Or, purchase your land rent rate report now online. (Includes rates for non-irrigated cropland, irrigated cropland and pasture in spreadsheet format; User Guide and Lease Practices Update; and crop district map.)


Purchase a cash rent rate analysis map for non-irrigated cropland now online. (Includes User Guide and Lease Practices Update)



Cash Rent Combination Analytics Package

Save $5 and get better insights into rent price points by accessing both our 2013 Cash Rent Survey Report and 2014 Expected Cash Rents® Report. This $89 data package includes (1) County-level report of average cash rental rates for non-irrigated and irrigated cropland and pastureland. (2) County-level Expected Cash Rents® report for non-irrigated cropland. Expected Rents® report includes average county corn yields; low, high and average Expected Rents® for each county. (3) 2013 User Guide and Lease Practices Update.