Other Notable Agricultural Research


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  • 2011/02 - Farms, Land in Farms, and Livestock Operations 2010 Summary (USDA)
  • 2007 - National Resources Inventory (statistical survey of land use and natural resource conditions and trends on U.S. non-Federal lands)
  • 2006/08 - Economics of Harvesting and Transporting Corn Stover for Conversion to Fuel Ethanol: A Case Study for Minnesota (University of Minnesota)
  • 2007/12 - U.S. Cropland Used For Crops—Cropland harvested, failure, and summer fallow for the 48 states, annual, 1910-2006. ERS series updated 12/07
  • 2006/05 - Major Uses of Land in the United States, 2002—As the latest in the Major Land Use series, which started in 1945, this report summarizes cropland, forest, pasture and range, and miscellaneous and special uses such as urban, recreational, and parkland. The annual cropland portion of the series has been consistently maintained since 1910. (ERS)
  • 2005/06 - Assessing the Distributive Impact of a Revenue-Neutral Shift from a Uniform Property Tax to a Two-Rate Property Tax with a Uniform Credit, National Tax Journal (Richard England, Lincoln Inst. of Land Policy, and Min Qiang Zhao, Ohio State Univ.)
  • 2005/04 - University of California-Davis 2005 Outlook Forum Proceedings
  • 2005/03 - California Agricultural Symposium (Univ. of Calif.)