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  • 2011 Mid-Year Cash Rent Survey 8/11 (Illinois Society of Professional Farm Managers & Rural Appraisers)
  • Cash Rents in Illinois 2008-2010 (Univ. of Illinois)
  • County Cash Rents in 2009 4/10 (Univ. of Illinois)
  • Illinois Cash Rent Index 2010 (Univ. of Illinois)
  • 2012 Sample Flexible Lease Based on Expected County Revenue used by Univ. of Illinois Endowment Farms 9/11 (Univ. of Illinois)
  • Equivalent Cash Rent Based on Landlord’s Crop-Share Data—1995 to 2009 9/10 (Univ. of Illinois)
  • Landlord’s net returns from Illinois farmland, 1999 – 2008 (Univ. of Illinois)
  • Leasing Fact Sheets (Univ. of Illinois)
  • One Variable Cash Rent Option 8/08 (Univ. of Illinois)
  • Flexible Cash Leases Based on Crop Insurance Parameters 8/07 (Univ. of Illinois)
  • Illinois Cash Farm Lease Form - fillable PDF (Univ. of Illinois)
  • Crop Share Lease Form - fillable PDF (Univ. of Illinois)
  • Pasture Lease Form - fillable Word file (Univ. of Illinois)
  • Are Cash Rents Too High? 8/06 (Univ. of Illinois)
  • Notice to Terminate Farm Lease 6/06 (Univ. of Illinois)
  • Illinois Landlord's Lien 9/02 (Univ. of Illinois)