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  • Iowa farm lease resources (Iowa State Univ.)
  • 2014 Cash Rental Rate Survey 4/14 (Iowa State Univ.)
  • Computing a cropland cash rental rate 2/14 (Iowa State Univ.)
  • Flexible Farm Lease Agreements 2/14 (Iowa State Univ.)
  • 2013 Cash Rental Rate Survey 4/13 (Iowa State Univ.)
  • 2012 Farm Leasing Arrangements booklet 7/12 (Iowa State Univ.)
  • Southwest and South-Central Iowa Farmland Leasing Newsletter (Iowa State Univ)
  • Historic county-level cropland cash rental rates 6/10 (Iowa State Univ.)
  • 2011 Cash Rental Rate Survey (Iowa State Univ.)
  • Crop share leasing provisons-2008 (Iowa State Univ.)
  • Lease supplement for investing in improvements on a rented farm—Iowa State Univ.
  • Lease supplement for obtaining conservation practices & controlling soil loss—Iowa State Univ.
  • Computing a Pasture Rental Rate 7/09 (Iowa State Univ.)
  • 2008 Farm Building Rental Rate Survey 9/08 (Iowa State Univ.)
  • 2008 Cash Rental Rate Survey (Iowa State Univ.)
  • How to compute a cropland cash rental rate 8/07 (Iowa State Univ.)
  • Cash Rent Estimator spreadsheet for corn/soybean land 7/07 (Iowa State Univ.)
  • 2007 Cash Rental Rate Survey (Iowa State Univ.)
  • Estimating Cash Rental Rates for Farmland 7/05 (Iowa State Univ.)
  • Iowa Farmland Purchase Analysis Excel spreadsheet Updated 6/05 (Iowa State Univ.)
  • Historic County Cropland Rental Rates 4/05 (Iowa State Univ.)
  • Crop-Share Leasing Provisions - PDF 1/05 (Iowa State Univ.)
  • Greene County, Iowa Cash Rental Trends 2004 (Iowa State Univ.)
  • Improving Your Farm Lease Contract, 6/03 (Iowa State Univ.)
  • Farmland Leases (Iowa State Univ.)