Cash Rent/Leasing Research


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  • Farm management software: Flexible cash lease calculator, crop share calculator, custom farming rate calculator, machinery rental rate calculator (Ohio State Univ.)
  • 2008/01 - Kansas cropland leasing principals & legal issues PowerPoint (Kansas State Univ.)
  • 2010/06 - A Partial Budget Approach to Estimating Cash Rents, Journal of the ASFMRA
  • 2010/06 - Examining Share Lease Arrangements for Grain Operations in the Texas Panhandle Under Changing Market Conditions, Journal of the ASFMRA
  • 2004/10 - Cropland Cash Rental Rates in the Upper Mississippi River Basin (Kurkalova, Burkart,Secchi, Center for Agricultural and Rural Development, Iowa State Univ.)
  • 2002 - Management and Pricing of Hunting Leases in Oklahoma (Proceedings, Kerr Center for Sustainable Agriculture)
  • 2001/02 - Land Rental Values and the Agrarian Economy: England and Wales, 1500-1912 (Clark, University of California-Davis)