College/University Ag Law Websites


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  • Univ. of Arkansas Graduate Program in Agricultural Law
  • CAST - Council for Agricultural Science & Technology
  • Drake Univ. Agricultural Law Center - Courses, publications, conferences, research initiatives involving tax planning; soil and water conservation; land use and environmental issues; federal farm programs.
  • Univ. of Florida Agricultural Law Center – Programs, courses, publications.
  • Colorado Law Natural Resources Law Center
  • Univ. of Illinois Law & Taxation Center – Articles and information on leases, landlord liens, environmental issues and taxation.
  • Southern Illinois Univ. Law Library: Agriculture Law
  • Iowa State Univ. Center for Agricultural Law and Taxation - Professional information and educational training in agricultural law and taxation.
  • Missouri Agricultural Law Center – Publications on landowner liability fencing law, environmental law, legal/economic research.
  • Ohio State Univ. Agricultural and Resource Law Program - Legal research, outreach and educational center.
  • Penn State Agricultural Law & Resource Center - Collaboration between Penn State Law and the Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences.
  • Washburn Univ. School of Law, Agricultural Law Resources